Hi, I am Stuart.

I guess from a young age I’ve always been caught between the lifestyles of conformist and free spirit. I was always the guy at school taking photos but never thinking it was a skill I possessed or lead to a long-term career. Well doesn’t life have a funny way of leading us in the direction were destined for and 11 years later here.

I am Born in the UK but schooled and grown up in South Africa. After school I studied Marketing management for 3yrs and then worked in sales for a good few years while at the same time pursuing my other passion of music I was lucky enough to drum professionally for a year with Durban Band “Famous Curtain Trick” 

I left the band & spent another 5 yrs. in the UK leaving 1997 and then returned back too SA in 2003.

I’ve been extremely blessed to shoot in so many exotic locations both locally and internationally incl. Mauritius and South of France and London. I’ve also been featured on Top Billing at some of my weddings I’ve covered and been featured in wedding magazines and editorial pieces.

Stuarts Approach to Photography

With camera in hand I guess it’s fair to say I get lost in the moment and strive to unearth and capture human connection and the essence of their personalities.
I’ve received feedback on numerous occasions from clients that in their words “You made us feel so relaxed like you were our friend” and I guess I do this without even realizing it and could also be from the fact I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera but thrive when I’m behind it.
I’m always striving to give of my best and can be hard on m